Performance and Panache: Maui Jim Sunglasses

For fly-fishing, sailing, and ocean sports, one brand of designer sunglasses reigns supreme: Maui Jim. The Hawaii-based manufacturer is dedicated to providing performance eyewear that doesn’t spoil the view, pioneering a new lens they call PolarizedPlus, which cuts water glare and protects eyes from UV rays without dulling the colors of the landscape. 

Since 2006, Maui Jim has further advanced its sunglasses by offering prescription reading lenses with the same performance as their non-prescription lenses, and a MauiHT lens that offers extra clarity in low-light conditions.

Sporty Style From Hawaii

The Maui Jim sunglasses collection for both women and men features is clearly performance-oriented. Sleek, lightweight metal frames with aerodynamic lenses are heavily featured, as is the classic “aviator” shape. Wraparound glass lenses are another design feature of some Maui Jim designs, intended to cut down on glare in the wearer’s peripheral vision.

Celebrities Choose Maui Jim

The performance focus of Maui Jim sunglasses naturally makes this brand a choice for athletes and those with an active lifestyle who need their glasses to help them see even as they make them look good.

Celebrities and public figures seen in Maui Jim sunglasses include:

  • Senator John McCain of Arizona
  • Wayne Rooney
  • Travis Tritt
  • Bill Cosby
  • Derek Jeter
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