Bolle Sunglasses: Look Good, Perform Better

Founded in the 1880s in France, Bolle has been specializing in performance eyewear since 1950. Technical innovation has been at the heart of Bolle’s products, but they haven’t neglected style.

Whether you are looking for sunglasses for cycling, sunglasses for marine sports, or just to complement your sportswear, Bolle has a pair of shades to suit you.

Bolle Sunglasses – Functional Fashion

Bolle sunglasses styles have names like “Cobra” and “Anaconda”, so you can imagine what sort of look they’re going for: it’s very streamlined, very athletic, very tech-y. Wraparound lenses protect peripheral vision from light, wind, and dust.

Polarization cuts down on glare from water or snow. And lightweight, flexible frame and lens materials prevent breakage or shattering during vigorous activities.

Celebrity Fans of Bolle Sunglasses

Because of the focus on performance for marine and snow sports, Bolle sunglasses attract many athletic or active celebrities. World-class skiers, volleyball players, and triathletes rely on Bolle glasses for performance, and actors such as Mickey Rourke and Matthew McConaughey have been spotted behind the shades.

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