Revo Designer Eyeglasses

Revo Eyeglasses were born when an engineer decided to adapt NASA satellite technology for eyewear. Using high-contrast polarized lenses, Revo Eyeglasses can offer those with active lifestyles more clarity of vision and better eye health protection than ordinary Eyeglasses.

This brand is favored by athletes, explorers, and those involved with marine sports or marine exploration.

Design Innovation: Revo Eyeglasses

In addition to creating Eyeglasses that look good, Revo prides itself on a number of field-leading proprietary technologies that go in to making their Eyeglasses. Their high-contrast polarization technique ensures that glare is reduced from water and snow without sacrificing clarity of vision.

Their infusion manufacturing techniques ensure that polarization is built into the lens rather than added as a separate coating. And their Eco-use range is made of high-quality plant-based polymers, while their Re-Use Eyeglasses are constructed from recycled nylon polymers.

Celebrities in Revo Eyeglasses

The celebrities who choose Revo tend to be more about function than fashion, although actor Jensen Ackles has been seen wearing them out and about.

Current faces of the brand include Alexandra Cousteau, water conservationist and granddaughter of legendary French documentarian Jacques Cousteau, and filmmaker Sebastian Copeland, an extreme outdoor adventurer whose film Into The Cold followed a two-man journey to the North Pole.

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