Sunglasses Repair

Have broken glasses or sunglasses? We fix them all! is committed to making your favorite frames look their best, even after they have been through the worst trauma. We do it all: lens replacement, metal repairs, plastic repairs, sunglasses, eyeglasses. Get your specs repaired in two easy steps below!

1) Purchase frame assessment, $0.99

You will only be required to pay for shipping at this time. We will use this payment to either send you the repaired frame or send back your un-repaired frame , if you choose to deny our quoted price. Note your order number to include with sent-in frames.

2) Send us damaged eyewear
Sunglasses Repair

Be certain to properly protect your glasses for shipping:

  • Wrap your frames with a cleaning cloth or tissue.
  • Wrap your item in bubble wrap to protect it from damage.
  • Ship the protected frame(s) in a small box or padded envelope.

All repairs are to be sent to our-on site repair facility:
       320 7th Avenue Box # 334
       Brooklyn, NY 11215


To ensure the fastest possible service, please be sure to include your order number in your shipment.

Your order number will be issued to you on the screen and emailed to you upon completion of the order process.

As per request of the Repair Facility please do not send bulky cases if at all possible. They do not fit on the repair trays. A small flat case is ok, but they prefer bubble wrap.