Nike Eyeglasses

Nike has come a long way from the days when Bill Bowerman would make shoes on a waffle press and Phil Knight would sell them out of the back of his car. This sports manufacturing giant’s “Swoosh” logo is instantly recognizable around the world.

Leading athletes and celebrities alike turn to Nike products when they want to perform (or look) their best. This includes Nike Eyeglasses.

Go Fast (Or Look Fast) With Nike Eyeglasses

Designed for runners, golfers, cyclists, and other athletes, Nike Eyeglasses styles tend to be aerodynamic. Lenses are curved into frames that just surround the eye socket, offering protection from dust and sweat while not causing drag.

To stop glasses slipping off sweaty noses, bridge pads are designed to stick in place. Arm stems are often shaped so that the glasses fit close to the wearer’s head. Lenses cut back on glare from reflective surfaces. The result is a line of Eyeglasses that performs as good as it looks.

If you want to become an Olympian or just resemble one, Nike Eyeglasses are a good place to start.

Celebrities In Nike Eyeglasses

Many professional athletes use Nike products exclusively. Those spotted in the Eyeglasses include:

  • Tiger Woods
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Ryan Bedford (Olympic speedskater)
  • Michael Jordan
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Serena Williams
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